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North Sumatera Province, Indonesia

Primary Plantation

Toba Samosir/Tapanuli Utara District, North Sumatera Province, Indonesia
PT. Toba Pulp Lestari
Simalungun/Asahan District, North Sumatera Province, Indonesia
PT. Toba Pulp Lestari
Humbahas/Samosir/Dairi/Pakpak Barat District, North Sumatera Province, Indonesia
PT. Toba Pulp Lestari
Paluta District, Labuhan Batu Selatan District, Padang Lawas District, North Sumatera Province, Indonesia.
PT. Sumatera Riang Lestari

Wood Chips

The woodyard forms part of the integrated facilities operated by APRIL. Wood logs from the different forest plantations operated by APRIL and its supply partners are received and weighed at the woodyard. Wood logs are processed into woodchips.

Viscose Bales

Dissolving wood pulp is processed into viscose-rayon, a natural and biodegradable fibre used in textile products. Throughout the manufacturing processes, the quality of viscose-rayon is closely monitored. Emissions and waste are managed responsibly in compliance with high industry standards.

Asia Pacific Rayon
Viscose Staple Fiber

Dissolving Wood Pulp Mill

Harvested wood from sustainably managed forests and plantations are processed into a refined dissolving wood pulp. APR uses majority renewable biomass to power its mill and optimize on energy efficiencies, resulting in lower scope 2 GHG emissions.

APR sources its dissolving wood pulp from:


Forested Areas

Renewable plantations provide the wood-based raw material for our viscose-rayon. The plantations are monitored and managed carefully by technical production teams to ensure high productivity of wood fibre.


The tropical climate in Indonesia, where a vast majority of wood fibre is sourced, provides optimal growing conditions so that the trees are harvested and replanted in 5 year rotation cycles.

Acacia, Eucalyptus

North America (USA and Canada)

Western Hemlock , Fir, Spruce and Pine

Our Customers

We sell to the main textile hubs located around the world.


In Indonesia, Eucalyptus and Acacia tree seedlings are matured in nurseries. On successful rooting and acclimatisation, the young plants are transported and planted manually in the forest plantations.

Acacia, Eucalyptus